QurAlis Corporation

QurAlis Corporation is a new private biotech company focused on developing precision solutions to cure ALS and the genetically related FTD. ALS, the most common motor neuron disease, is a fast-progressing, paralytic condition leaving patients with an average life expectancy of only three years. Recent insights from genetics and new biomarkers show that ALS and FTD are not one disease, but a spectrum of disorders with varying underlying mechanisms. Like cancer, each ALS and FTD subtype needs to be treated with precision therapies. QurAlis was founded to leverage these emerging insights and new technologies in order to address its mission of curing ALS through the development of oral drugs. QurAlis has identified a novel drug target with a broad impact on the dysfunctional cellular waste clearance pathway which include the ALS genes: TBK1, C9orf72, Optineurin, p62, TDP43 and Ubiquilin-2. QurAlis was founded by Harvard professors, and ALS and stem cell pioneers, Dr. Kevin Eggan and Dr. Clifford Woolf, along with Jonathan Fleming, CEO of Q-State Biosciences, and QurAlis’s CEO, Dr. Kasper Roet.

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