Renascions is a privately held company focused on clinical stage drug development. Our proprietary technology improves trial outcomes by selecting the right patient cohort for a specific drug. We are focused on improving drug efficacy in oncology, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, viral infections, and immunological diseases. Renascions provides biomarker discovery, validation, and assay development services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies as a specialty contract research organization (sCRO). Our technology identifies patient groups likely to respond to a specific drug candidate; selecting such patients for clinical trials will achieve higher efficacy, making a drug approvable with our companion diagnostic. We discover genetic predisposition factors for responsiveness to the drug, and then construct proprietary in vitro diagnostics based on SNP genotypes (single nucleotide polymorphisms or DNA mutations) and haplotypes (sets of mutations inherited as a unit).

Focus area
Cardiovascular and Metabolism
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