Stelvio Therapeutics

Stelvio Therapeutics is developing therapies through epigenetics. We have a technology at our fingertips which will usher in a new wave of therapies that have the potential to cure cancer and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s. We have invented a novel platform technology called Microscopic Imaging of Epigenetic Landscapes (MIEL) to unambiguously identify the epigenetic signature of individual cells. MIEL is deeply rooted in machine learning-assisted recognition of epigenetic patterns in single cells. Our approach is amenable to high throughput screening of small molecule libraries; it is universal, it’s applicable to many tumor types and developmental diseases. Most importantly it is the robustness of epigenetic signatures to identify novel targets and therapeutics that could be used to cure, prevent or delay disease, which are not feasible with other approaches.

Our mission is to deliver medicines of value to the patients that need them in areas of unmet need. In cancer, resistance to chemotherapy based treatments is the biggest problem which leads to loss of response and no viable alternatives for patients. In Huntington’s, the epigenetic changes occurs months if not years before the gene expression changes, so we are targeting interception of the disease through diagnostics and identifying novel targets and therapeutics which could be used to prevent or delay the onset.

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