Torpedo Diagnostics, Inc.

TorpedoDx is reducing global cancer mortality through the early detection of cancer, guiding precision therapy selection, and monitoring patients to manage cancer as a chronic disease.  The TorpedoDx test workflow isolates and analyzes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to provide information-rich answers to complex cancer questions from a simple blood draw. 

The proprietary TorpedoDx approach is agnostic to the specific types and variations among cancer cells making it a powerful cancer detection and monitoring platform.  A patient blood sample is collected into standard collection tube and a microfluidic device removes red blood cells, platelets, and normal white blood cells to produce a population of residual cells retaining all CTCs available in the blood sample.  Advanced genomic analysis tools and machine learning algorithms detect and characterize the cells to detect the presence of cancer early, guide precision therapy selection, and monitor patient response to therapy.


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