Our mission is to make it easy for scientist to engineer and manufacture living 3D tissues
Challenge Winner
AlphaBiomics mission is to develop microbiome-based precision medicine solutions that will
Alume Biosciences is developing a fluorescent nerve labeling agent for precision surgery.
Amabiotics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative microbiome-derived
Animantis LLC is a healthcare diagnostics and data analytics company providing novel
VisiPlate : a nanoscale implant for the treatment of glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma (OAG)
BioCapital Holdings is a Houston based bio-engineering company that has developed a
BioLum Sciences is the developer of a medical device, the BioSense AMD (Airway Monitoring
Reliably find complex patterns in high-dimensionality biomedical data.
Clerio Vision, Inc. is developing a novel surgical strategy for treatment of refractive
Correlia Biosystems is creating proteomic technology that integrates complex assays into
Courier is developing a platform technology for precise delivery of cytokines to NK and T
Microbiome enhancing insect repellents that are long-lasting, effective, and natural
Densitas Inc. is an ISO 13485-certified medical technology company that develops data
Diagnostics, forensics, integrated DNA analysis and genetic solutions