Clerio Vision, Inc. is developing a novel surgical strategy for treatment of refractive
Densitas Inc. is an ISO 13485-certified medical technology company that develops data
Enrich Bioscience has a new technology that can test 1000’s of cDMRs (cancer
IdeaCuria Inc. is developing a new smart sensor technology known as Digital Spectrometry
MIMOSA Diagnostics makes mHealth applications & devices that empower diabetic patients and
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Nanovista Inc.’s mission is to save lives by enhancing state-of-the-art medical
NerveVision is an FDA 510(k)-cleared software platform that visualizes spinal nerves in 3D
Radialis Medical is a women’s health focused medical device company that has developed,
Seegene is developing proprietary priming chemistries that make multiplexed PCR easy,
Self Care Catalysts is a patient behavior data, intelligence and insights
Spindle Biotech offers a unique solution by providing synthetic RNA at a low cost and in
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Tracery is a clinical stage ocular imaging and health tech company focused on Age Relate
Translatum Medicus Inc. is dedicated to saving eyesight with a first-in-class
TREVENTIS ™ Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on therapeutics and diagnostics