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A powerful driver for scientist is to make a meaningful impact on society. Many of the discoveries that improved and will improve our lives and health have come from basic university research. However, moving out of the academic lab into the market is generally not the focus of academia. Industry expertise provides a conduit for translational for startups and entrepreneurs to help their ideas and research have a meaningful impact on the world. But how does this all work?

We asked a group of professionals from academia and the life science industry to share their experience and advise us on how to successfully translate research to market solutions and explain how different academic systems within and across borders handle this process. Join us to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of moving your science out of the lab and into the market.

Canadian Start-Up Showcase: Entos Pharmaceutical

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Jill de Grood | Director, W21C Research and Innovation Centre read bio»
John Lewis | CEO, Entos Pharmaceuticals | Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, University of Alberta read bio»
Daria Mochly-Rosen | Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology and Founder of SPARK, Stanford University read bio»
Stephanie Robertson | Sr. Director, Consumer Science Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California read bio»

3:00 PM | Registration and networking
3:30 PM | Presentation, John Lewis, Entos Pharmaceuticals
3:45 PM | Presentation, Jill de Grood, W21C Research and Innovation Centre
4:00 PM | Translational Panel and Q&A
5:00 PM | Networking Session
6:00 PM | Program Close

NOTE: Virtual Guests - The event will be available in a webinar format with Q&A questions submitted by chat mode

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Speakers' Biographies:

Jill de Grood | Director, W21C Research and Innovation Centre
Jill completed her Master's degree in Sociology at the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Calgary. Her thesis project examined factors impacting lawyer's physical and mental health. She has also completed a Certificate in Professional Management (2015) and more recently, the ULead Experiential Leadership Program at UCalgary. She is the Director of the W21C Program – a research and innovation initiative focused on improving safety and quality of care in health systems by working with academia, government, and industry. She has been in an evolving leadership role with W21C for eight years, with involvement in numerous industry partner projects in areas such as: technology assessment, infection prevention and control, and examining the effectiveness of health care innovations and their impact on patient care. Jill is a published author with eight journal publications along with two knowledge translation pieces. Building on the 13-year success of the W21C, Jill brings a strategic perspective to health systems improvement, working with other researchers, clinicians, and government and industry stakeholders to make care better for our communities.

John Lewis | CEO, Entos Pharmaceuticals | Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, University of Alberta
John is an academic scientist and serial entrepreneur. He holds the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Alberta and chairs the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative.

John's research interests lie in the areas of nanotechnology and imaging as they relate to the development of novel treatments for chronic diseases such as aging and cancer. Because no man dies of prostate cancer that stays in his prostate, the group is study the spread, or metastasis, of cancer using advanced live imaging techniques. The group has used this approach to identify key drivers of metastatic cancer progression, and is leveraging this information to develop novel nanoparticles to block the spread of prostate and other cancers. To accelerate their translation to the clinic, Dr. Lewis has founded several Canadian biotechnology companies, including Entos Pharmaceuticals.

John is founder and CEO of Entos Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company focused on the development of next generation nucleic acid-based therapies. Entos's drug delivery technology, Fusogenix, is a platform that enables the formuation of safe and effective formulations for gene therapy, mRNA, miRNA, RNAi and CRISPR. Entos's lead development candidate, a suicide gene therapy for prostate cancer, will enter the clinic in 2018.

Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Victoria, and completed postdoctoral training at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.

Daria Mochly-Rosen| Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology and Founder of SPARK, Stanford University
Bio Daria Mochly-Rosen, Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology, is the George D. Smith Professor for Translational Medicine and the co-director of SPARK at Stanford. Daria leads a multi-disciplinary research lab that includes chemists, biochemists, biologists and physician scientists and has used her basic research discoveries to develop a number of drug leads for human diseases with a particular interest in mitochondrial biology and pathology. She was the chair of her department (2001-2004) and Senior Associate Dean for Research (2013-2016), has published over 250 papers, ~30 patents and patent applications and founded 3 companies: KAI Pharmaceuticals (2003-2011), ALDEA/Aviv (now 2013; now licensed to Foresee) and Mitoconix Biosciences (2016-).

Daria is the founder, president and co-director of SPARK (since 2006) which provides education in drug discovery and development and has helped over 100 inventors (60% of the participants) of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics bring their invention to clinical studies and/or to licensing. She is the president founder of SPARK Global established (or under development) in many academic institutions around the world, increasing the likelihood that new treatments will be developed from academic research efforts across the globe.

Dr. Mochly-Rosen holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Immunology from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and completed her postdoctoral training at University of California, Berkeley.

Stephanie Robertson, PhD. | Sr. Director, Consumer Science Innovation Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California
Stephanie is part of the New Ventures Team at J&J Innovation. As part of her role at J&J Innovation, she works closely with the Janssen Human Microbiome Institute and with J&J Consumer Emerging Sciences to create collaborations with academic experts and biotech companies with a goal of accelerating the translation of microbiome research into breakthrough solutions that promote health. Previously Stephanie was at the University of California, San Francisco UCSF where she helped to establish and grow translational efforts on campus including her role as Program Director for the Sandler Center for Drug Discovery, and for the Grand Multiple Myeloma Translational Initiative. She later took on the role of Director, Strategic Alliances where she led business development and alliance management activities for the campus. Prior to joining UCSF, Stephanie worked for over a decade at Exelixis, Inc, where she held diverse leadership roles including leading a computational biology team and acting as scientific project leader for numerous drug discovery programs in cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolism as well as managing early oncology clinical programs and alliances for several programmatic collaborations with large pharma.

Stephanie earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry (Honors) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.