CELS - SFO Forum: Integrated Care - Planning today for a successful launch tomorrow

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Feature Presentation: Integrated Care - Planning today for a successful launch tomorrow

Integrated Care and Fixed Spend ("Capitation") changes everything about how your customer thinks of your company and innovative product/technology. This session walks you through 3 real world case studies of markets shifting overnight, where we are heading and how to better plan ahead for a successful launch of an innovative product in the US Healthcare market.

This interactive session with Jeremy Jonckheere, Vice President, Insurance Products & Strategic Relations at Pacific Dental Services, will help us understand tomorrows landscape through 3 cases from the Pharmaceutical and Medical categories:

Case 1: Power of the formulary - 2 drugs, comparable efficacy. Your competition cuts its price....
Case 2: Payer profit silos matter - An increase in drug / device spend hits my budget, but your benefit goes to someone else…and worse, it happens next year…
Case 3: Scale wins. Capitation driving market consolidation - Industry shift from "cost plus" pricing model to fixed reimbursement...

Canadian Start-Up Showcase: Careteam

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2:00 PM | Registration and Networking
2:25 PM | Opening Remarks
2:30 PM | Featured Presentation: Integrated Care-Planning today
3:00 PM | Canadian Start-Up Showcase: Careteam
3:20 PM | CELS Cohort - Update
3:30 PM | Networking
4:00 PM | Program Close

NOTE: Virtual Guests - The event will be available in a webinar format with Q&A questions submitted by chat mode

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Speaker Biography:

Jeremy Jonckheere | Vice President, Insurance Products & Strategic Relations, Pacific Dental Services
Passionate about shifting healthcare delivery, Jeremy spent 9 years at DaVita Healthcare Partners driving change on the strategic and government front within this leading renal care company and capitated physician group. He led the communication strategy that shepherded 30,000 teammates and 150,00 patients through the industry's conversion from fee-for-service to fixed reimbursement. Once complete, he moved to a start-up subsidiary driving pharmacy engagement where he focused on business development and led the largest internal ops group. At the time of his departure DaVita Rx had grown to care for over 200,000 patients and demonstrated large cost and mortality benefits. In 2016, Jeremy joined Pacific Dental Services where he drives plan partnerships and Dental-Medical integration.

A former member of Canada's National Volleyball team and professional athlete, Jeremy now lives in Southern California with his wife and 4 year old son.

Showcase Company - About

Careteam (www.careteam.me) is an innovative care coordination platform for patients and families deployed as a SaaS by large healthcare organizations. Careteam creates a single location to plan the patient's journey across hospital, community and home, and for health providers and patients/family to securely collaborate with each other. Our AI layer captures data and finds patterns in the fragmented constantly changing healthcare experience, enabling proactive approaches.