Haas Business School of Berkeley Visits JLABS @ SSF

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On July 26th, the Haas Business School of Berkeley Melbourne Group will be visiting JLABS @ SSF.

JLABS is hosting senior executives from the Melbourne Business School Executive MBA program that is conducted in partnership with UC Berkeley's Haas Business school. The course study is "Building Strategic Innovation Capability" and details can be found here.

The visit will consistent of presentations from a JLABS Licensee and very special guest, Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of Crowd Companies, an innovation council will speak about disruptive technology and corporate innovation. The licensee will discuss their work and experience with innovation in the life sciences space and JLABS. Jeremiah will discuss specific aspects of corporate innovation

You do not want to miss this special event and networking event. Student info can be found here 

3:20pm - 3:30pm | JLABS Overview
3:30pm - 3:45pm | JLABS Company Presentation and Q&A
3:45pm - 4:15pm | Crowd Companies and Q&A
4:15pm - 5:00pm PM | Desserts and networking

Jeremiah Owyang | Disruptive Technology & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder and CEO, Crowd Companies

Silicon Valley's Jeremiah Owyang takes you beyond spotting the latest trends, disruptions, and technological advances. As the leading expert on corporate innovation in the face of emerging and disruptive technologies, he shows you how to leverage these forces to shift your business model, transform your customer's brand experience and create in-demand product offerings. Dynamic, consumer-centric, and relentlessly focused on the future, Owyang delivers powerful presentations that keep corporate change agents in the know, ahead of the curve and ready to spot and seize opportunities.

Jeremiah Owyang is the Founder of Crowd Companies; an innovation council that helps brands overcome challenges and navigate the next wave of disruption and opportunity. From the autonomous world to the collaborative economy, Owyang views every aspect of emerging technologies through the lens of growth, opportunity and constantly shifting consumer behaviors and expectations. Forever at the forefront, he identifies trends and advises major companies to adapt their business models to better connect with customers. His clients include Adobe, Electrolux, Wells Fargo, Nestle, Cisco, Western Union, Visa, Colgate, Yum, and Pepsi, among others. An acknowledged thought leader and widely read publisher, Owyang has appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Fast Company. Through Crowd Companies, he also publishes numerous research reports, playbooks and frameworks to help businesses navigate change, improve customer experiences and identify trends before they happen. Prior to Crowd Companies, Owyang's career took shape as an analyst with Forrester Research, advising on social strategy for the interactive marketer. He was the Founding Partner and Research Director of Altimeter Group, specializing in customer strategy and emerging technologies. He formed Crowd Companies in 2013 to focus on the emerging collaborative economy and the maker movement. A popular speaker and presenter at conferences and events around the world, Owyang is recognized as the definitive authority on corporate innovation programs, ready to translate the next wave of powerful technologies and transform the way you do business.

Sean Dalziel, Phd, MBA | Co-founder , Cleo Life Sciences

Sean Dalziel is Managing Director and Co-founder of Cleo Life Sciences, a specialty consultancy and product innovation firm located in JLabs, South San Francisco.

Sean is a pharmaceutical executive and entrepreneur with expertise in chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC), technical operations, product development, and corporate development. Through Cleo Life Sciences, Sean provides executive consultant roles at multiple biopharmaceutical companies and research services to prototype pharmaceutical drug products and process.

Over 19 years in industry, Sean's prior employment includes CSIRO in Australia, and in the US - DuPont, Theravance, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, and Tobira Therapeutics in roles of increasing responsibility up to Vice President of Technical Operations and Global Supply Strategy at Onyx and at Tobira. Sean has contributed to the discovery and development of numerous IND clinical staged drugs across therapeutic areas including oncology, respiratory, infectious, autoimmune, and gastrointestinal diseases, and participated in the NDA filings of 2 commercial pharmaceutical products: Kyprolis® a proteasome inhibitor for multiple myeloma, and Vibativ® a gram positive antibiotic. Sean's academic training includes a BSc in Chemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Sydney, a BAppSc Hons in Food Technology from the University of Western Sydney, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland, and a MBA from the University of California Berkeley.

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