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Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, New York State, and the New York Genome Center collaborate to launch a new JLABS in New York City, open June 2018.

Called JLABS @ NYC, the facility will be located at the New York Genome Center (NYGC) in Soho and will open in 2018. The site will be open to biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health companies. A QuickFire Challenge seeking companies working in these areas, particularly startups working on cross-sector solutions to prevent, intercept or cure diseases, was launched by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The winner(s) will be announced in June 2018 and are eligible for one year of residency at JLABS @ NYC.



According to Battelle Study, the New York metropolitan area has the largest bioscience workforce in the country.


$1.4 billion in nih awards

New York City is
ranked #2 in the nation


of all post-doctoral scientific researchers in the US are at New York City Universities


The City Where
Life Science Never Sleeps


The city has the world’s largest concentration of academic institutions with nine major academic medical centers including Columbia University, Weill Cornell Medical College, NYU, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and The Rockefeller University


Existing Life Science Cluster +120 life science companies


Mayor de Blasio aims to deliver a total investment of more than $500 million to New York City’s life science sector over the next 10-25 years with the aim of creating 16,000 jobs for New Yorkers. 


The New York-New Jersey metropolitan region has a high concentration of pharmaceutical industry global leaders.

60% ...of the world’s pharmaceutical industry is located in the New York metro region.


15 top disease focused foundations
based in NY awarding over
in philanthropic research funding annually


Since 1995, NY State has jumped from No. 10 in VC funding for high tech to No. 2 by 2010, where it continues today

Almost half of the top 35 disease focused foundations are headquartered in NYC, awarding a combined $354 million VC funding in Life Sciences alone


In 2015, Massachusetts generated $1.32 of venture capital for the life sciences industry for every $1.00 of federal NIH funding it received.

New York State generated only $0.06 of venture capital for every $1.00 of NIH grants.