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Johnson & Johnson Innovation launches Singapore QuickFire Challenge Competition in collaboration with ETPL and SMART to accelerate solutions for diabetes and other metabolic diseases

March 22, 2017 - Singapore
4 years ago
Press release

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Division of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Ltd., announced today a collaboration with A*STAR’s ETPL, through its Diagnostics Development Hub, and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), to launch the Singapore QuickFire Challenge – Metabolic Disease Innovation.
This global competition, launched today at the 2017 Biopharma Asia Conference in Singapore, will award the entrepreneur, academic, and biotech researchers who submit the best ideas, technologies, or solutions holding the potential of making a major difference for the millions of people in Asia Pacific and around the world who suffer from metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

The QuickFire Challenge is managed by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, a global network of open innovation ecosystems, enabling and empowering innovators to create and accelerate the delivery of life-saving, life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to patients around the world. It combines Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s robust global network with ETPL’s and SMART’s unique capabilities in innovation to identify breakthrough solutions for the diagnosis and/or treatment of metabolic diseases.

Download the PDF for the full press release.

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