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Knowledge for Growth 2018 Recap

By Janssen Belgium

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JLABS @ BE Spotlight on Innovation in Benelux


An Innovation in Benelux symposium in Beerse highlighted Benelux as a top European life sciences innovation hub and positioned JLABS @ BE as a key regional platform to accelerate healthcare entrepreneurship.

Health Tech @ JLABS Kicks off with a Bang in Beerse

Health Tech @ JLABS Kicks off with a Bang in Beers

On October 15th, the first cohort of Health Tech @ JLABS entrepreneurs met at JLABS @ BE in Beerse, Belgium, to take a deep dive into Clinical Trial Innovation and the potential applications of AI and Blockchain in healthcare.


The event, a product of the collaboration between the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS Health Tech program and Janssen Clinical Innovation, allowed JLABS and external entrepreneurs to work closely with Johnson & Johnson experts to approach the challenges of clinical trials and discuss novel solutions (detailed agenda below).

Guenter Huhle, MD, PhD, MSc, Head of JLABS EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Kate Merton, PhD, Head of JLABS @ NYC, Boston & JPOD @ Philadelphia and Bert Hartog, PhD, MSc, Senior Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation.


This workshop has been the inaugural event in the Health Tech @ JLABS program. This program provides access to Johnson & Johnson Innovation's unparalleled healthcare expertise and involves our key technology partners through best-in-class communities, facilities, programming, and mentoring tailored to this hybrid group of entrepreneurs. Health Tech @ JLABS also provides unique insights on consumer, payor and provider pain points, and the solutions they are seeking.

The full workshop was filmed, and it is now being transformed into interactive online training modules. Additionally, the event was so successful and the feedback so positive that the approach will be replicated at JLABS @ NYC before the end of the year. Stay tuned!


8:30 am | Coffee and Refreshments

9:00 am | Session Overview – Goals and Objectives of the Clinical Trial Journey by Bert Hartog, PhD, MSc, Senior Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation, Guenter Huhle, MD, PhD, MSc, Head of JLABS EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS & Kate Merton, PhD, Head of JLABS @ NYC, Boston & JPOD @ Philadelphia

9:30 am | Pit Stop 1 - Deep Dive: Patient Experience and Site Burden by Caroline Feys, MSc, MBA, R&D Operations Innovation Leader, Janssen Clinical Innovation

10:25 | Mini-Break

10:30 am | Pit Stop 2 - Clinical Trial Adherence & Beyond by Hilde Vanaken, PhD, Ir, MsC, Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation & Geert Callaerts, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Janssen Clinical Innovation

55-minute dive in patient adherence and medication management, “Can smart tools change the non-adherence paradigm?”

11:30 | Lunch

12:15 pm | Collaborative Landscape by Nigel Hughes, MSc, Scientific Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation

Introduction to the collaborative landscape with focus on IMI where pharma, academia and technology companies work together on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities we face doing clinical research.

12:45 pm | Pit stop 3 - Deep Dive: RWD by Tine Lewi, Scientific Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation

55-minute dive into RWD across the clinical development lifecycle. Breakouts looking at linking Clinical/Genomic Data, integrating ePRO, primary/secondary care, regional networks, etc.

1:45 pm | Next Steps and Conclusions


Meet Allan Miranda, the New Head of JLABS @ Toronto

Both scientific discovery and entrepreneurship are about building on the innovations, successes, and failures that came before and using them as a foundation for new (and hopefully fruitful) explorations. For over five years, JLABS has occupied the sweet spot at this intersection, giving future business leaders the tools and expertise they need to unlock their vision.

Nowhere is this more true than in the burgeoning Canadian biotech ecosystem. In 2016, following the success of its U.S. locations, Johnson & Johnson Innovation saw an opportunity and established JLABS @ Toronto. The goal was to use Toronto as a launch pad to help transform Canada and its young entrepreneurs into a world-class biotech hub. It’s in this spirit of new beginnings that I am very honored to introduce myself as the new Head of JLABS @ Toronto.
In the three short months I’ve been in this role, I’ve been astounded by the number of companies in our ecosystem and the shear breadth of innovation that has occurred in the sectors we cover: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer and health tech. The challenges these emerging biotech businesses face are familiar to me because I’ve been on their side of the desk and grappled with them myself.

It’s as if all the paths I’ve taken over the course of my career converge here. I had always been interested in the business side of science and after obtaining my Ph.D., I leapt headfirst into the often-unpredictable world of Canadian biotech startups working at a University Technology Transfer Office. I saw firsthand the obstacles a company faces in terms of access to talent, capital, and forming a relationship with a corporate partner. Like the scores of small businesses that come through our doors at JLABS, these companies were all looking for a way to properly scale themselves as they manage cash flow and work to meet the ambitious near-term milestones they set for themselves.

I then went on to obtain an MBA and worked in business development for two biotech companies, living the stress of trying to partner with big pharma while managing investors and cash flow. Decision making at small companies is instinctual and while you own the decisions, you are always wondering “is this the right way to do it?” Just as I convinced myself that I would be in the start-up biotech arena for life, I got a call from Johnson and Johnson to work in Business Development for Janssen Canada. For 13 years I worked in Business Development, Marketing and Market Access absorbing how a big company approaches product development and commercialization, as well as developing skills in leadership and collaboration.

As the head of JLABS @ Toronto, I hope to bring both my start-up and big company experiences to the table, helping companies at JLABS flourish on their own terms.  I firmly believe that the JLABS model is exactly what the start-ups I worked for could have used. JLABS offerings like the Investor Hub and JPALs fill a gap that all start-up companies can benefit from by providing access to capital and valuable expertise. Start-ups also need the freedom to develop their technology and solve business problems in a way that reflects their size and available resources.  The JLABS no-strings attached model allows entrepreneurs the freedom to operate and do what is best for their company as they completely retain their intellectual property and there are no rights of first refusal.

Looking back on the progress JLABS has made in Toronto these past two years is invigorating. We are very proud of all the groundbreaking Canadian companies we’ve worked with. Companies like Zucara Therapeutics, a recent resident developing the first once-daily therapeutic to prevent hypoglycemia in diabetes patients, DNAstack who created an advanced platform for genomics data storage, bioinformatics, and sharing in the cloud, and DoseBiome who is conducting fascinating oral microbiome research aiming at reducing disease-causing bacteria in the mouth while promoting healthy bacteria, among many, many more (we already have 11 alumni companies and currently have 47 resident companies, with room to grow).

As we continue to educate the ecosystem on the JLABS model, we are also getting interest from start-ups outside the Toronto area, and have even had companies in other Provinces inquire or take residence at JLABS. Our one-desk, one-lab-bench scalable model has appeal to these companies so they can establish a presence in Toronto and avail themselves of the value of JLABS while continuing to have a presence in their community.
I am very excited to be a part of the JLABS Toronto team and look forward to growing JLABS and continuing to build Toronto into the booming biotech hub I know it can be.

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Toronto Introduction with Paul Stoffels

Paul Stoffels @ JLABS @ Toronto

Dr. Paul Stoffels, Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer at Johnson & Johnson taps into his own experience as a former entrepreneur, and discusses the success of the JLABS model, what it can offer entrepreneurs in the Toronto life sciences ecosystem.

JLABS @ Toronto

Virtual Tour of JLABS @ Toronto

Take a quick peek at our JLABS @ Toronto. This video gives a great overall feel to the site to entice you to find out more.

A fly through JLABS @ BE

A fly through JLABS @ BE

As the first JLABS in Europe, JLABS @ BE accommodates life science start-ups focused on innovations across the entire healthcare spectrum, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer and health technology.