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Roger Da

Senior Manager New Venture

Janssen China R & D Center

Why I'm a JPAL

To help the startup at their early stage when they need the marketing, resource allocation, project management, product design, and customer engagement experiences from big-pharma, medical device, consumer companies like JNJ. Also to help myself connect to more resources in the related fields and organize the knowledge, experience and network in a better way.


  • Jul 2007 ~ Sep 2010: GE healthcare, R&D in Wuxi
    • Lead service design engineer -> Lead Project Integrator -> System Engineer for Ultrasound Scanner
    • Launched 1 new ultrasound console product in China (within 12 months) and 2 annual software upgrade package for existing ultrasound equipment in the market
  • Sep 2010 ~ Jun 2017: JNJ China R&D General Surgery and Orthopedics
    • Senior Design Engineer -> Senior Quality Engineer -> Staff Engineer -> R&D Manager
    • Lead and completed Customer Insight Projects with Unmet Needs Identified and Concepts Generated.
    • Lead and completed a mechanical electrical Trauma Instrument R&D from unmet needs identification, design, development and product launch
  • Jun 2017 ~ Jan 2020: Terumo China Investment
    • Business development manager, focusing on Terumo corporate strategic investment and business development (innovative product introduction) in China
    • Successfully lead the first specialty funding investment (RMB 25M) in Terumo (China and Global) to extend business channel.
    • Completed manufacturing feasibility study and business partnership for a Nuclear Medicine from Europe to China
    • Built up strong business models for a Blood Management product and successfully introduced it to China Market after Board Member Alignment
  • Jan 2020-now: JNJ Asia Pacific Innovation Center
    • New venture in APIC China, responsible for scouting opportunities for external innovation based on sector/BU strategies
    • So far closed 1 deal about new business model innovation for MD and 1 deal about product co-development for consumer health


"The first step to solve any problem is to acknowledge there is a problem."

Fun fact:

Car tuning and racing are my favorite hobbies. Making the car fast but safe, look great and be under control is a good way to live with my car, treating it not just a tool for commute.