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Erin Skurdal

Director, Product Ideation

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Why I'm a JPAL

I have a unique background that combines business strategy, product design & behavior change. I enjoy sharing the intersection of those topics with anyone who might benefit from a different perspective.


As Product Ideation Director at Johnson & Johnson, Erin Skurdal is responsible for understanding the needs of end users and designing products that occupy the intersection between consumer expectations and business constraints. Since joining J&J in 2016, Erin has launched a number of digital products aimed at more effectively engaging patients in their long-term health through science-based behavior change techniques. Erin has a unique, interdisciplinary background. She has a master’s degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. Her understanding of business, design and psychology improve her effectiveness as a designer and business leader. Before joining J&J, Erin spent 6.5 years at frog’s New York City studio. During her tenure at the global design and innovation firm, she consulted across a diverse range of industries and corporations, both large and small. Before starting her family, Erin was an adjunct professor for the Design Management program at Pratt Institute. She is a founding member of CATALYST Strategic Design Review, a multi-media magazine, which tackles complex, global challenges through the lens of design. Erin enjoys traveling, music, good food and any adventure that involves the outdoors, her husband and two children.


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

- Walt Disney

Fun fact:

I lived in Florence in the shadow of the Duomo