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Paul Gavine

Director of Oncology

Janssen R&D UK

Why I'm a JPAL

Scientific discovery and innovation rarely happens in isolation and I'm a firm believer in keeping abreast of emerging scientific breakthroughs, both within and outside of our own walls. I am passionate about curing cancer within our lifetimes and keen to overcome barriers wherever possible to ensure that we can deliver cures to patients everywhere. I consider my role as a JPAL an excellent step in this direction through partnering and fostering of mutually beneficial relationships.


A proven leader and experienced ‘drug hunter’ with broad cross-disciplinary pharmaceutical expertise, working in the oncology therapeutic area. Expertise in leading large multidisciplinary teams on molecularly-targeted projects from early discovery through to Phase I/II development. I have spent time both in biotech (Prolifix, OxfordGlycosciences, Celltech) and large pharma (UCB, AstraZeneca, Janssen) and have a track record of delivering oncology programs into the clinic. I recently transitioned back to the West following a ten-year spell in discovery and translational sciences in Shanghai, China - with a heavy focus on prevalent Asian-cancers. Currently, I oversee a group of around 21 PhD and non-PhD scientists supporting the areas of traditional tumor-drivers, immuno-oncology, targeted redirection and synthetic lethal programs for oncology solid tumor discovery.


"Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."

- Dalai Lama

Fun fact:

I love cooking and wine - preferably at the same time.