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Timothy Muench

Research Fellow


Why I'm a JPAL

Interested in contributing to innovation at a fast pace and learning more about business-related subjects to complement my science background.


Following graduation from veterinary school, I practiced 2 years in small and mixed animal practices. I then completed a pathology residency and PhD at Purdue University in Pathobiology. Following Purdue, I spent 2 yrs in academia (Michigan State University) before joining a medical device contract lab (NAMSA) where I spent 40% of my time doing R&D work and 60% of the time doing submission work for start-ups and large global companies. After 5 years at NAMSA I joined a medical device company (WL GORE and Associates) to be able to expand my experiences involving vascular devices. After 2 years, I was recruited by ETHICON to join their preclinical group. I have been with ETHICON for 14 yrs doing general implant pathology involving soft tissues and have done work for Janssen and other companies associated with Johnson & Johnson. The range of devices I have been involved in range from biologic to synthetic and combination devices including pharmaceuticals. I have conducted work involving the brain to toes with a particular interest in wound healing and interactions with novel devices.


Luck favors the prepared mind.

- Louis Pasteur

Fun fact:

I'm British but have lived in the United States since I was 3.