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Steve Spagnol



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Steve Spagnol

Associate Director

Janssen R&D US

Why I'm a JPAL

My interest in becoming a JPAL is to support the development of new and innovative technologies to improve how we address the needs of our patients.


Stephen Spagnol is an Associate Director within Janssen R&D. Stephen joined Janssen in 2019 and has experience leading development efforts spanning novel platforms including AAV gene therapy, oncolytic viruses and viral vaccines for oncology. He has also led new technology initiatives including industry and university collaborations. Prior to joining Janssen, Stephen was an Associate Principal Scientist at Merck. While at Merck, he led formulation and process development for RNA therapeutics and mRNA vaccines using lipid nanoparticles and polymer nanoparticles. He also has extensive experience leading the design and optimization of novel drug delivery technologies for RNA therapeutics and mRNA vaccines. Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Penn State.


“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

- Jackie Robinson

Fun fact:

I have a twin sister!