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Improving Detection of AL Amyloidosis (IDEA)

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Multiple grants to be awarded $250,000; $150,000; & $50,000



Each year in the United States, an estimated 4,500 new patients are diagnosed with AL amyloidosis[1], a life-threatening blood cell disorder that occurs when blood plasma cells in the bone marrow produce amyloid deposits, which build up in vital organs and eventually cause organ deterioration[2]. The disease can affect different organs in different people, but the most frequently affected organs are the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. Further complicating treatment for the disease, almost one-third of patients with AL amyloidosis will visit five or more physicians before being diagnosed, and nearly three-quarters are diagnosed over a year after initial symptoms occur[3]. This can lead to a poor prognosis due to the delay in diagnosis of AL amyloidosis, which frequently presents with non-specific symptoms that can mimic other, more common conditions[4]. As many as 30 percent of patients with AL amyloidosis die within the first year after diagnosis.[5]

To that end, Johnson & Johnson Innovation together with Janssen Global Services invites innovators to submit ideas aimed at optimizing AL amyloidosis disease detection and early diagnosis in the Improving DEtection of AL Amyloidosis (IDEA) QuickFire Challenge. Multiple awardees with the best products, technologies, or methodologies will receive grant funding in increments up to $250,000, $150,000, and $50,000, access to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS ecosystem, and mentorship* from experts at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

*As appropriate by expertise and/or regulatory considerations

[1] https://amyloidosis.org/facts/al/#

[2] Lousada I, Comenzo RL, Landau H, et al. Light chain amyloidosis: patient experience survey from the Amyloidosis Research Consortium. Advances in Therapy. 2015;32(10):920-928.

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[5] Merlini G, et al. Light chain amyloidosis: the heart of the problem. Haematologica. 2013;98(10):1492-1495.

Why this Challenge Matters

In AL amyloidosis, plasma cells in the bone marrow produce abnormal light chains that form amyloid deposits, which build up in vital organs and eventually cause organ deterioration[1]. AL amyloidosis can affect different organs in different people, but the most frequently affected organs are the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, GI tract and nervous system.

Still a rare condition, diagnosis of AL amyloidosis can be delayed and symptoms may be non-specific, resulting in misdiagnosis.

Knowledge and expertise in how to measure and assess symptoms commonly seen in this population can be critical for timely diagnosis, as well as improving access to diagnostic tools and innovating the application of AI and EMR-based interventions to improve detection.

At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we believe a good idea can come from anywhere, and it’s our goal to find new and innovative technologies that aim to provide potential solutions to patients from around the world. Working together, we can spark the next great idea that could change the trajectory of health.

[1] Baker KR, Rice L. The Amyloidoses: clinical features, diagnosis and treatment. Methodist Debakey Cardiovasc J. 2012;8(3):3-7. doi:10.14797/mdcj-8-3-3

Areas of Interest

We’re interested in products, technologies, or methodologies, which may be translational or clinical in nature.

We encourage applications from visionaries – including entrepreneurs/startups, hematologists, cardiologists, radiologists, and nephrologists familiar with AL amyloidosis, basic science researchers, and patient advocates - working on potentially ground-breaking ideas or technologies in AL amyloidosis that aim to:

  • Increase awareness of disease symptoms and improve recognition of disease among HCPs
  • Improve identification/testing of patients
  • Develop blood test/biomarkers for AL amyloidosis
  • Develop nuclear medicine imaging with amyloid-specific tracers
  • Create AI-based screening tools
  • Facilitate EMR-based research
  • Produce Epidemiology studies


  • Multiple grants in increments up to $250,000, $150,000, and $50,000
  • Access to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS ecosystem
  • Mentorship from experts of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies


Potential solutions will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers and judges on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Technology/Research Concept and Focus on AL Amyloidosis
  • Team Quality & Capabilities
  • Degree of Innovation & Uniqueness
  • Market/Research Validation
  • Level of Feasibility
  • Resources & Milestone
  • Plans for use of Funds
  • Scalability (ability to translate to other areas outside of their practice)
  • Considerations of accessibility across socioeconomic groups
  • Ability to Deploy

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What if I’m having trouble accessing the portal/website?

Make sure your browser is up to date and accepting cookies.

Can I submit supporting documents (for example a video) as part of my application?

You will have the opportunity and are encouraged to upload supporting materials such as slide decks, research papers, and videos as part of your application. You may submit a video along with your typed responses. Maximum length is two minutes.

Is it ok if some of the information I submit is confidential?

Do not submit confidential information. Only non-confidential information should be submitted and anything you submit will be treated as non-confidential.

What happens with IP (Intellectual Property)?

As this is a no-strings-attached arrangement, JLABS does not acquire any IP. Any IP creation and/or protection remains the sole responsibility of the inventors.

Is a patent required to apply?

No, a patent is not required to apply. However, you should not submit any information that you wish to keep confidential or that may negatively impact upon the future patentability of your invention.

What kind of science / technology is appropriate for the Challenges?

We encourage applications from entrepreneurs, innovators, hematologists, cardiologists, radiologists, nephrologists, basic science researchers and patient advocates working with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), EMR-based research, and beyond to develop potentially ground-breaking ideas aimed at optimizing AL amyloidosis disease detection and early diagnosis.

Who is eligible to apply?

Each Challenge has its own terms & conditions that can be found prior to filling out the application.

Do applicants have to reside in the United States in order to apply?

No, this is a global challenge.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Challenges or the application process?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Where do I apply? And do I have to complete the application in one sitting?

Go to https://jnjquickfire.secure-platform.com to learn more. From there you will be directed to set up an account. You are able to save your work and log back in to finish at a later time if needed.


March 30, 2021
Applications Open
July 16, 2021
Submission Deadline
Fall 2021
Award Announcement

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