JLABS @ Toronto QuickFire Challenge

JLABS @ Toronto QuickFire Challenge


App4Independence Logo

A4i is a digital health innovation company that provides clinically-proven mobile interventions to significantly enhance treatment engagement and quality of life for individuals with psychosis and other major mental health challenges.


An innovative gene therapy company focused on immune-oncology and rare diseases.

Chestnut Pharmaceuticals

Developing novel therapeutics for metastatic cancers employing a comprehensive approach to reverse the metastatic state of tumor cells.

Nanovista Logo

Achieving high-precision personalized cancer therapy with multimodal nano imaging agents: lead application in image-guided surgery”.

Neutun Logo

Creators of a seizure tracking tool that uses devices patients already own and wear. 

PinPress Logo

Regular molds have one shape; PinPress is a shape-shifting tool that gives you a thousand molds in one.

Suncayr Logo

Helping people enjoy the sun with a smart indicator of ultraviolet light that changes colour to warn people of their sun exposure.

The Challenge

In honor of the upcoming Grand Opening of JLABS @ Toronto, Johnson & Johnson Innovation has launched a QuickFire Challenge to award new game-changing early-stage innovation companies with the use of a bench, workstation and access to the JLABS @ Toronto community for one year. In addition, all winners will receive memberships from BIOTECANADA and OBIO , and the Medical Device winner will receive a membership from Medec.