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NAM Healthy Longevity QuickFire Challenge

NAM Healthy Longevity QuickFire Challenge

Challenge ended

Up to $750,000 in total grant funding

Consumer Health



Boston Children's Hospital

The team at Boston Children’s Hospital aims to identify actionable targets to extend longevity by intersecting genomic signatures in exceptionally long-lived species with those of long-lived humans.


Byteflies is creating a hematology-oncology-specific digital health solution with the potential to objectively track disease progression and detect treatment adverse effects such as neurotoxicity and inflammation at an early stage.

Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

The Hamamatsu University School of Medicine team aims to develop an innovative transdermal therapy for Alzheimer’s disease with a novel brain-derived peptide.


With a proprietary intelligent AI-driven sensor and a VR platform, SYNCSENSE aims to transform exercise equipment into engaging and adaptive exergaming experiences that prevents and treats diseases related to physical inactivity and aging.




Today, 8.5% of people worldwide are aged 65 and over. By 2050, this percentage is projected to more than double, reaching 1.6 billion.[1]

Thanks to dramatic breakthroughs in medicine, public health, and social and economic development, the human lifespan has drastically increased in many parts of the world over the past century. 

However, a rapidly aging world population does pose challenges as well as opportunities - to economies, health systems, and social structures worldwide in addition to the physical, mental, and social well-being of the individual.

As we reach an unprecedented lifespan increase, we feel we must turn our attention to helping increase human healthspan and get better at preventing, intercepting and curing diseases, starting as early as infancy.

A great idea can come from anywhere. That’s why we are collaborating with the National Academy of Medicine, which aims to grow emerging ideas in research and innovation with the Healthy Longevity Global Competition. Through these initiatives, we aim to identify and catalyze new cross-disciplinary ideas and innovation that we believe could ultimately lead to novel solutions for aging free from debilitating disease.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation is proud to launch the NAM Healthy Longevity QuickFire Challenge, an exclusive series of opportunities for international Catalyst Award winners to apply for additional grant funding and support from Johnson & Johnson Innovation as they continue on their innovation journey.

Beginning on June 8, 2021, 2020 international Catalyst Award winners can submit applications for consideration of up to $750,000 in grant funding and mentorship opportunities from experts at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.*

*Restrictions apply.

[1] The National Academy of Medicine, data on file.

Areas of Focus

Potential solutions must include innovations that aim to transform patient outcomes in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Oncology, including:
    • Cancer Prevention
      • Identification of individuals at highest risk of developing disease using non-invasive technologies
        • Molecular biomarkers
        • Clinical/Phenotypic biomarkers
        • Data /sample access and AI-driven platforms
      • Novel modalities to reverse tissue-specific epigenetic changes associated with accelerated aging and oncogenesis
      • Novel modalities targeting mechanisms of DNA damage and mutagenesis such as:
        • Chronic inflammation/ROS
        • Oncogenic Microbiome
    • Cancer Interception
      • Novel modalities targeting initiating genomic/epigenomic driver events in solid and hematologic malignancies
      • Novel platforms for localized, organ-specific drug delivery to avoid or reduce systemic toxicity
      • Novel modalities influencing immune response to pre-malignant disease
  • Neuroscience, including: 
    • Neurodegeneration or Neuropsychiatry  
      • Novel disease modifying mechanisms of actions with a strong human genetic link/predicted translation to human disease, such as neuroinflammation or autophagy 
      • Novel modalities targeting the brain with minimal systemic exposure/effect 
      • Validated novel technologies, including digital biomarkers, that can 
        • predict early onset stage of diseases in Neurodegeneration 
        • rapidly identify subjects more likely to become treatment resistant, relapse or/and develop suicidal thoughts 
        • deploy digital therapeutics as stand-alone or in combination with one of our pipeline products 
      • Access to large novel datasets of well-characterized cohorts combing clinical phenotyping and genotyping 
      • Preventive cellular aging (e.g., reducing oxidative stress, free radical damage, chronic inflammation) 
    • Organ system-based approaches and technologies with potential to reduce risk of declining functionality with aging, including: 
      • Cognitive and brain aging  
      • Functional mobility and chronic pain
  • Data Sciences, including studies of healthy aged populations with deep molecular data and longitudinal tracking of phenotypes 
  • Orthopedics, including the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Consumer Health, including potential solutions for:
    • Women 40+, particularly in the areas of menopause, migraine, mental health and metabolism
    • Chronic pain
    • Skin barrier strengthening, restoration of skin health function, and protection for sensitive skin
    • Apps for tracking/engaging with aging populations with connectivity to additional data sources/types such as speech, video, EMR, etc. rather than just outcomes reported by the individual

Evaluation Criteria

Potential solutions will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers and judges on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the idea
  • Potential impact
  • Feasibility and generalizability of the idea
  • Thoroughness of approach
  • Identification of key resources and plan to further idea
  • Progress and milestones achieved since receiving previous Catalyst and/or QuickFire Challenge awards


June 9, 2021
Applications open
July 9, 2021
Submission deadline
September 13/14
Award Announcement


Up to $750,000 in total grant funding
  • Mentorship from experts at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies*
  • *Restrictions apply


What if I’m having trouble accessing the portal/website?

Make sure your browser is up to date and accepting cookies. You can contact customer service at [email protected] if you are having technical difficulties as well.


Can I submit supporting documents (for example a video) as part of my application?

You will have the opportunity and are encouraged to upload supporting materials such as non-confidential slide decks, research papers, and videos as part of your application. You may submit a video along with your typed responses. Maximum length is 2 minutes. Make sure that you do not submit any information that is non-proprietary or owned by a third party.

Is it ok if some of the information I submit is confidential?


Do not submit confidential information. Only non-confidential information should be submitted and anything you submit will be treated as non-confidential.

What happens with IP (Intellectual Property)?

As this is a no strings attached arrangement, Johnson & Johnson Innovation does not acquire any IP.  Any IP creation and/or protection remains the sole responsibility of the inventors.

Is a patent required to apply?

No, a patent is not required to apply.  However, you should not submit any information that you wish to keep confidential or that may negatively impact upon the future patentability of your invention, or that is not proprietary, considered a trade secret or privileged.

What kind of science / technology is appropriate for the Challenges?

Find out more about what areas we desire to explore here: https://www.jnjinnovation.com/partnering

Who is eligible to apply?

This Challenge is only open to 2020 international Catalyst Award winners. Please check out the terms & conditions that all applicants are required to accept prior to filling out the application.

What are the specific criteria for application?

Potential solutions will be evaluated by an external panel of reviewers and judges on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the idea
  • Potential impact
  • Feasibility and generalizability of the idea
  • Thoroughness of approach
  • Identification of key resources and plan to further idea
  • Progress and milestones achieved since receiving previous Catalyst and/or QuickFire Challenge awards

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Challenge or the application process?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Where do I apply? And do I have to complete the application in one sitting?


Go to https://jnjquickfire.secure-platform.com/ to learn more. From there you will be directed to set up an account. You do not need to complete the application in one sitting; you may save and return to your application at your convenience.

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