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Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge

Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge

Challenge ended

$75,000 USD



As Dr. Paul Janssen often said, “There is so much more to be done; the patients are waiting.” (http://www.janssen.com/patients-are-waiting-dr-paul-janssen) To support the latest solutions impacting patients, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Supply Group, LLC launched the Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge to search for “easy to use” and “integrated” platform innovations that support the patient throughout their treatments.

On March 19, 2018 at the New York Genome Center, HealthBeacon Ltd. was recognized for their outstanding work and awarded $75,000 as the winner of the Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge.  According to the New England Health Institute (NEHI) and Express Scripts, poor medication adherence is estimated to cost more than $290 billion in avoidable U.S. medical spending annually.  Empowering patients, caregivers, and providers through connected health technology innovation is recommended by NEHI, given potential to foster patient specific adherence solutions.  HealthBeacon has developed a “smart” sharps system that is able to track whether a patient has taken their medication and help them stay adherent to their prescription schedule. This system has been clinically reviewed, validated by the pharmaceutical industry and has been integrated into patient care programs throughout Canada and Europe, with opportunities to expand further into North America and other global regions to deliver value to both the patient and their clinical team.

Congratulations to HealthBeacon, Ltd.!

The Challenge

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At Johnson & Johnson Innovation we think of the world as our laboratory and we look for innovation wherever it exists. Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Supply Group, LLC (JSC) are looking to award a prize or a series of prizes to the person or team(s) who submit the best solution focused on transforming the customer experience by improving patient outcomes through patient engagement, adherence, and tailored care. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our next Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge.

For this challenge, the winning solution will improve patient outcomes and create market differentiation, with “easy to use” and “integrated” platform innovations (i.e., administration device, behavioral driving tools, packaging design, etc.).

For the winning solution, Janssen Supply Group is offering a $75,000 award with a potential future collaboration/partnership.

Rewards and benefits


About this Challenge:


The Review Committee will use the following solution evaluation criteria:

  1. High impact on healthcare outcomes and adherence;
  2. Leap frog innovation & market competitiveness: new methodology & technology feasibility;
  3. User friendly & ease of implementation;
  4. Integrated, holistic solution from Pharma manufacturer to patient; and
  5. Commercial scalability.

About the Ideal Winner

The winner will have a strong understanding on how adherence solutions can be used to improve patient outcomes. They will be from the industry or academia and have general knowledge of human behavior and supply chain implications.

The deadline to apply is November 17, 2017. 


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