Stellar Biome Inc.

Stellar Biome Inc.

Stellar Biome Inc. is a commercialization stage biotechnology company with the vision to become a leading developer and international marketer of innovative probiotic-based, microbiome-modulating products and targeted therapies with proven safety and efficacy.

As a result of focused R&D efforts, pilot production and composition refinement, clinical validation and proof of concept / pilot commercialization, Stellar Biome Inc. now owns two breakthrough natural health product platforms - one for gum inflammation, ear, nose, and throat health; the other for preventing caries and repairing tooth enamel – each of the conditions affecting over 90% of the population worldwide.

Their patent-pending anti-caries product, Dentaq® Dental Health Probiotic Complex, is the first and only in the world to combine scientifically proven, synergistically acting probiotics for oral/dental health with a clinically proven tooth enamel remineralization compound and therefore represents a novel, breakthrough class of synbiotic probiotic products. Due to its novelty and unprecedented range of mechanisms of action, it is being nominated as the most innovative natural health product in the U.S. in 2017.

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Consumer Health
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