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Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Medicine

06/25/2021 JLABS @ NYC
Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Medicine

Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Medicine

With healthcare becoming more digital, especially over the past year, innovators are continuing to demonstrate the power of these potential solutions. Digital Therapeutics refers to the application of evidence-based software-driven therapeutic interventions for the prevention and management of a medical disorder or disease.

Even though the field is very young, treatments are starting to go down the path to patients, reshaping our understanding and management of disease. Do these innovations provide real therapeutic benefit? How have innovators progressed down innovation, regulatory and commercial challenges?

Despite the constant growth in the last decade and the surge in innovations in the past year, there are still significant challenges in the path to success for these solutions.

Join us as we welcome experts in the space to discuss the opportunities and challenges of potential digital solutions from a variety of perspectives, and how large players in the ecosystem are looking towards the future. Panelists will discuss topics such as:

  • Business models of digital therapeutics;
  • Regulatory processes;
  • Commercialization and partnering pathways;
  • Current funding landscape;
  • Current success stories;
  • Future areas of application;
  • And more.


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