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Soft Money: Adding an EU Grant to Your Financing Mix

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Soft Money: Adding an EU Grant to Your Financing Mix

For any start-up or small company, non-dilutive funding may become an essential component of a healthy financing mix. Government and non-government grants are abundantly available, on local, European and global levels. Although funding instruments are numerous, the competition is fierce and preparing an application takes time. For entrepreneurs grant management comes on top of all the other responsibilities they're already struggling to fit into their available time. What considerations will help you select the right grant for your company? How do you increase the chances of applying successfully? And how can you secure and manage the grant once you have a positive decision?

During this session we will focus on EU grants. Our speakers will provide an overview of available EU funding possibilities and will guide you through the identification of relevant funding opportunities. They’ll also discuss some of the key considerations and criteria in line with EU funding applications and grant management. How can you get a better understanding of the criteria and speak to them in your application?

The session will continue with a panel discussion in which different stakeholders will discuss considerations in identifying the right opportunity for your start-up, and how this might strategically fit your financing mix.

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