The Business of Black Beauty: Consumer Needs, Investments and Resilience

The Business of Black Beauty- Consumer Needs, Investments and Resilience

The Business of Black Beauty: Consumer Needs, Investments and Resilience

U.S. Black consumers spend $1.2 trillion annually, with shoppers spending an estimated $127 million on grooming aids and $465 million on skin care.[1] However, according to the Census Bureau only $2.5 million is contributed to Black-owned businesses and a Stanford University study found that only 1% receive loans in their first year. That’s seven times lower than the percentage for white businesses.[2] During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 41% of the Black businesses closed as compared to 17% of White-owned businesses.[3] 

Join our panel of top entrepreneurs and investors as we address and highlight:

Disparities and challenges of Black-owned businesses and ways to successfully build and market beauty products to consumers
Black-owned brands making breakthroughs in beauty, skin and haircare
Accessibility to financial capital and funding opportunities


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Please note that this webinar was originally run on October 21, 2020.

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