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Building Cross-Border Businesses to Optimize Access to Capital

04/13/2020 JLABS @ Toronto
Building Cross-Border Businesses to Optimize Access to Capital

Building Cross-Border Businesses to Optimize Access to Capital

You are a running a promising Canadian life science start-up and seeking funding. You have access to incentives in Canada but need to consider additional options. The market and resources outside of Canada—specifically in the USA--are a natural target. While you proudly aspire to "Made in Canada" solutions, there are funding realities that might need to be addressed on the path to global commercialization of exceptional Canadian technologies.

This session covers:

  • Available funding in Canada for current and future rounds to potentially finance your company
  • Obligations, as a Canadian incorporated company, to your current Canadian investors (i.e. grants, tax credits, institutions, financial institutions, government)
  • Overcoming US potential investors’ objections to invest in non-US companies
  • Logistics and costs to incorporate as a US company
  • Immigration under the current business and political environment
  • Banking needs
  • And more…

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