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Insurance and Benefits for Life Science Companies 101

Insurance and Benefits for Life Science Companies101

Insurance and Benefits for Life Science Companies 101

While many Life Sciences companies are on the front lines of the coronavirus battle, fostering a healthy workforce and protecting the overall business should be a daily and yearly objective. Achieving employee attraction and retention during economic ups and downs by offering a well-rounded benefits package and instilling safeguards with business insurance have never been more important.

This informative webinar will cover:

  • Essential insurance and employee benefits considerations for startups in order to prepare for future growth
  • Benefits programs for startups
  • Business insurance for startups
  • Wellness initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for employees
  • COVID-19 legislation that can impact your benefits program and how to stay in compliance
  • Strategies for protecting benefits and employees through a future outbreak or other crises, and lessons learned from the past
  • Business insurance coverage types for pandemic or other crises

Our panel includes benefits expert, Chris Schmid and business insurance expert, Kevin Mirsky from Marsh & McLennan Agency. They will offer their high-level understanding of how to create employee programs and secure insurance products that can make a difference. Joining them is Tara Kochis-Stach, President of Slone Partners, a leading life sciences executive search firm. 

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